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When Marzie Bellucci started her VI Purified Water Company 5 years ago, she had a plan. She wanted to distribute the best water possible to homes and businesses on the Island. Her background in medicinal chemistry and bio-pharmaceuticals, her knowledge of the benefits of alkalinity, and the harmful effects of acidity in our diets, led her to PH+ balanced water before it became a trend. While she focusses on the health benefits of her water, her new partners have come in to help her take this company to the market in a much bigger way. Marzie brought in 2 new partners and together they decided to make a PHresh start, so to speak, so they started a new water business.

The new company has taken off with the launch of new bottled PH+ water products, a distribution contract for spring water, a new filtration systems product line and they’ve just recently purchased the assets of the largest private water bottler on the island. “Marzie’s product and equipment was great but her processes needed to become more efficient,” says partner and production director, Harry Stephan. “We’ve just approached it a little differently and invested some capital to speed up the process in anticipation of more demand.”

“It tastes fantastic!” which is most important to marketing director and partner Curt Duddy. “The product can have all of the health benefits in the world, but people aren’t going to drink it unless it tastes great.” Vancouver Island PHresh Water has caught the eye of local food distributor, Richardson Foods Group, who will be distributing the 4 litre and 2 litre bottles in the immediate future.They have high hopes that demand for the product will lead to them distributing the other 5 bottle sizes that are available.

PHresh  themselves will continue with home and business deliveries of the 18.5 and 11.3 litre size direct to customers themselves. “We’ve also just purchased the bottled water assets of Clear Packaging and have plans to expand our already busy private labeling business,”  says Duddy. “We’re producing private labels for businesses all over Western Canada right now and this latest acquisition should help us expand this line even further.”

Alkaline Water and Alkaline lifestyle/diet is rapidly becoming the rage and you’ll be hearing more and more about it in the near future. PHresh Water  will re-hydrate you more quickly, acts as an anti-oxidant which will help detoxify your body, and will help in the prevention of disease, it’ll energize you and, of course, you’re going to enjoy the taste. As the only Island-based PH+ water producer, PHresh  feels that they are in the right place at the right time. People are concerned with their health, their fitness, and into slowing the aging process and an alkaline lifestyle will have a positive effect in all these areas.

For More information please contact Vancouver Island Phresh Water at 250-739-9000, or