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It’s so much more than great tasting water.  PHresh is super hydrating, anti-oxidant, PH+ balanced Water.  This premium water is made by running only the best Vancouver Island water through our multi-stage purification system, it’s then infused with all natural minerals to bring it back to the standards that mother-nature intended. (alkaline-PH 7.5-8.5).

You’ll enjoy convenient refreshment instantly from your bottled dispenser anytime you reach for a cool refreshing glass of PHresh Water.  This great tasting water actually enhances the taste of your favourite meals and beverages.  It helps bring out the real taste of your coffee, hot tea, soup, or any of your favourite foods that requires water in its preparation.

Please remember to use PHresh water to make your ice so that great taste lasts the whole while you’re enjoying that special drink.

Enjoy the taste… Feel the benefits.

Anti-oxidant detoxifying

Quick Re-hydration

Restore your health

Great Tasting